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Sat at 16:58
Javelin is considering buying a Javelin
Sat at 16:58
yes, that's his name
Sat at 17:21
lol. Tis fate
Sat at 17:22
not sure if im disapointed or gratefull the sale started before payday...
Sat at 17:32
You know what throws me for a loop? The bnu merchantman is slightly better then the catapiller. Yet it costs less.
23 hours ago
23 hours ago
it's hugely more cargo'd
23 hours ago
Cargo yes, but I was looking at the specs and I just have to ask my self "Why is this cheaper, whats wrong with it" to where a smaller cargo ship costs more..?
23 hours ago
and probably twice as hard to kill
22 hours ago
Again thats a good point, So why is cheaper then the cata? lol
21 hours ago
They may be working off of new stats that haven't been made public yet. A lot of the stats on the ship specs page, especially for ships like those, are way out of date and likely to change when the ship is actually ready.
21 hours ago
Hmm.. Good point.
20 hours ago
Ah-.. Gunna retract my earily thing, seems the catapillers price has dropped.
18 hours ago
just yo let you guys know a couple of us are playing WoW if your up for it! server is blackhand. playing Horde.
18 hours ago
just you let you guys know a couple of us are playing WoW if your up for it! server is blackhand. playing Horde.
13 hours ago
Sorry, I left WoW for good back in 2012
13 hours ago
I think the reason the Caterpillar and the Banu Merchantman are similarly priced is because the Catey is more versatile. Don't look at the stats, what's important is the role the ship is supposed to play. The BMM is purpose-built for trading while the Catey is clearly more multi-purpose. Everything about the aesthetic screams 'modular'
13 hours ago
I wholeheartedly believe the stats will be rather nebulous and misleading until at least PU Alpha. fter that there will be numerous balance passes.
13 hours ago
I got a MM
13 hours ago
who wants to crew with me when the game releases?
13 hours ago
me too =D
13 hours ago
it's a beautiful ship I can't wait for PU now
13 hours ago
honestly though, mine has LTI, I'd be just as happy to crew someone elses'
13 hours ago
even without LTI, 17k game hours before having to re-up
13 hours ago
that's two years fyi
13 hours ago
ye lol
10 hours ago
Does anyone have a current link to 'The Spreadsheet'. I tried to find it on our forum, but I think I'm missing something
3 hours ago
When I try to get to it, it just says "This document is not published"
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