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Fri at 18:30
Book and Wash are dead.
MagiK a
Fri at 19:49
Book and Wash are aline, they only died in that nasty parallel universe I call Denial :d
MagiK a
Fri at 19:50
Clovis aa
Fri at 20:57
their website is offline.......the firefly website that is
Sat at 5:11
and it's still down. No 404 error now, it just says that the account has been suspended.
Sat at 5:11
Whatever that means.
Sat at 5:58
It means (I suspect) that the amount of traffic they rec'd yesterday/today totally blew their bandwidth allocation -- and they've not yet chosen to increase it.
Sat at 6:52
That's also how I interpret it.
Sat at 16:29
still down, great advertisement :)
Sat at 20:11
heh, their ISP kicked them out. They are moving the whole site to an Amazon server.
Sun at 10:18
it's back up now
Sun at 10:21
....yeah, maybe not.....
Sun at 10:35
Yeah, they are supposed to have registration up on another site, but I can't get to it either.
Sun at 12:09
yeah, no luck here either
MagiK a
Sun at 15:25
Im still pretty leary of the whole Firefly Online thing.
Sun at 19:18
The trailer does not fill me with confidence
Sun at 19:19
I can see every mission turning into the wobbly headed doll caper as you try to fill your private cabins with more decorative tat
Mon at 1:08
I managed to register as SeniorOp, using Sea Monkey (browser) of all things. Didn't get further than that, though; I'm not sure there *is* anything beyond that at the moment.
Mon at 1:18
Seems one really must have the browsers closed when installing Unity. Once I did, it now also works in Firefox and Google Chrome. But, it still is just a registration ... and a free ship ('Kepler' bonus ship). Maybe that will be cool when the game is available.
Mon at 3:21
Back online and with high speed internet! about damn time!
Mon at 6:13
Welcome back.
24 hours ago
7 hours ago
7 hours ago
Still on Lazer?
5 hours ago
how's everybody?
4 hours ago
Tried to play some World of Tanks and it was AWFUL!!!
4 hours ago
Not generally, just today.
4 hours ago
If I were playing SC, the equivelent would be to crash while exiting the hanger ten times in a row.
4 hours ago
Is playing SWTOR without the subscription worthwhile?
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