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Fri at 8:20
Depends on how damage control works. Or if it's a thing.
Fri at 8:21
You'll be up a shit creek if you lose half your engine power and have to go fix it yourself :sick:
Fri at 15:25
Someone knows if the Drake Caterpillar is needed for Squadron 42 or do we get the ship later on ?
Fri at 15:36
Found some posts from November 2014. The Cat will not be in Squadron 42...
Sat at 2:45
You know comparing the Caterpillar and the Hull seems that the specs/concept art for the Drake need to be changed. The Cat seems to need larger engines because it is heaver and carries more cargo than a Hull B. I'm assuming the cargo is carried internally, of course...or their concept art is due to be reworked.
Sat at 3:02
If MISC had a "non-expanding" (no spindle, no trees, just space) Hull B .... configured like a Freelancer. That would be the ship I'd melt my Freelancer for in a minute. It would be more in line with the size ship that Mal would buy.
Sat at 6:22
WOOT!!!!!! I won the Vanguard Giveaway from Captain_Richard.
Sat at 6:22
Now I have 2x LTI Vanguards.....
Sat at 7:07
Grats Star Blazer
Sat at 11:14
So, the Hull E
Sat at 11:14
Apparently, properly equiped, they can act as small space stations.
Sat at 11:29
yea the modularity of the hull series intrigues me alot
Sat at 13:52
Congrats Star Blazer!
Sat at 14:33
that's awesome, congrats!
Sat at 16:36
Verry nice Star Blazer :sick:
Sat at 17:31
Thanks! I love the idea of having exploration and transport ships with deep space capabilities, and love the idea of a Vanguard for deep space escort duty (of course a friend would have to pilot one or the other).
Sat at 17:35
Since I'd already picked up one Vanguard, I may melt one and get the Aquila I'll have a great exploration vessel, and a great transport with my Hull C...and the Vanguard to provide muscle when needed.
24 hours ago
You said they both had LTI? Are cross chassis upgrades available for the vanguard?
23 hours ago
I don't believe the Vanguard is flyable in game yet -- in which case no CCUs would be available yet for it.
22 hours ago
well if you have it in LTI and want a bigger ship I would personally wait until the CCU was available so you can get it on the other ship you like.
21 hours ago
@Decimus - you won't "need" any ship for SQ42 ... your hangar won't be available for it, the ships you use are the ones given :sick:
21 hours ago
SQ42 is the story that leads to the PU ... our hangars are for once we get there
21 hours ago
as for the Hull E ... remember what I was saying about using some sort of cap ships for mobile bases? If we could set up a couple separate accounts to act as caretakers, stay logged in just to keep the E's populated in game ... it's a possibility
21 hours ago
bear in mind, the "must be flyable" rule for CCU's is only for the current system
21 hours ago
that was bcause the devs have to individually code each CCU for "from" and "to" in the conversion ... so each ship they add, the number of CCU objects they have to code is going up geometrically
21 hours ago
the new system will be able to procedurally generate the conversion for any ship to any other ship (hopefully also including a store credit for when you are stepping down, like I suggested when I emailed CS about the insanity of CCU'ing the Andromeda to a Taurus)
21 hours ago
so the "flight ready" restriction will go away ... only reason that's there now is they don;t want to ahve to spend the time coding it fi you can't even fly it yet
19 hours ago
Hmm... wonder what'll happen to the Phoenix upgrade I have lying around; will I get to hang onto it until I can CCU up to a Connie later?
14 hours ago
I do not believe the 'flight ready' restriction will go away for CCUs, actually, unless you can cite a specific CIG statement to that effect?
14 hours ago
I'm sure all purchased upgrades will be honored -- so long as you invoke them before release. The new system just adds flexibility.
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