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Sun at 21:00
But we keep current on developments.
Sun at 21:02
Sun at 21:02
... and, collectively, we have *many* ships.
Sun at 21:03
Oh -- if you've changed your owned ships since you were last with us, please contact Wainaa so he can update your spreadsheet entry. It's not a requirement, but we appreciate it.
Sun at 21:04
had quite a few but the family had a medical emergency and got a full refund which helped but lost all ships.After the emergency was over got a wartime lifetime Insurance Polaris--
Sun at 21:05
Nice timing ...'warbond' -- means bought with cash rather than store credit
Sun at 21:05
for future reference
Sun at 21:05
may use the Polaris or may try to join a crew.Just have to wait and see what happens I guess
Sun at 21:05
That's a gorgeous ship
Sun at 21:06
got the polaris off Ebay
Sun at 21:06
Ah. Well, we're flexible. I plan to do both (fly my own ships and crew) depending on things.
Sun at 21:06
but nice to know what it means,thank you
Sun at 21:08
So, right now you have just the Polaris?
Sun at 21:08
Sun at 21:08
had a nice little fleet going but we needed the money
Sun at 21:09
Might get something in the future but not holding my breath.
Sun at 21:10
But then the Polaris is a nice ship so might not need anything else.
Sun at 21:10
I suspect you'll want something else ;) Anyway, I updated the spreadsheet; no need to contact W about it.
Sun at 21:11
ok,thank you for your help.
Sun at 21:11
Sun at 21:12
I'm going to hit ESO but I'll keep discord up.
Sun at 21:13
np. Attendance not required :)
Sun at 21:14
Ok,see you around
Mac aa
Mon at 4:08
Mon at 4:14
Mon at 12:07
Good morning NatoRepublic. How are you today?
Thu at 18:14
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, Jackie Treehorn. Please see the message appended to your application for the next steps.
Thu at 18:15
And welcome also MrCynic. Wainaa has completed your acceptance. Please check the 'more' section in our Spectrum Tavern for Discord information.
Fri at 12:00
@Jacke_Treehorn Thanks for the long post! Please be sure also to make the short one, under here:
Sat at 1:00
Thanks! I have accepted you on the RSI side. Our Discord information is in the 'More' info in the Brown Coats' Tavern on Spectrum. Wainaa will be along with your digital welcome goodie basket :)
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