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Sun at 19:02
afternoon from west virginia
Mon at 5:44
Afternoon feom Australia!
Mon at 5:45
g'day :sick:
Mon at 5:45
y'all want to get on the RSI chat -- that's mostly where BCs chat.
Mon at 5:46
Howdy SO, ok will head over there
Mon at 7:38
I think I'm turning into a MISC fanboy
Mon at 12:45
They had me when (1.) Lance Henriksen did the voice for the ad and (2) The ad and ship itself was a lot like firefly.
Mon at 12:46
Misc- built for life!
Mon at 20:36
Roger that, Mother Trucker :sick: I ws sold on the Freelancer from tis description back on the old RSI site - but that ship commercia just sealed it for me as a MISC junkie in general
Mon at 20:36
only ship commercial that I keep on my custom Star Citizen YT playlist
Mon at 20:37
ok, this time its not my typing, its some kind of lag in the chat box dropping letters >.< think the chat doesn't like YT running in another window ...
Tue at 3:20
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, timits
Tue at 3:20
this chatbox has always been kinda wonky. Which is the biggest reason we were so happy about the xmpp chat
Tue at 3:21
Yes ... Pidgin appears pretty solid, so long as CIG keeps up its end.
Tue at 3:26
hi how do i git my app accepted for the org?
Tue at 3:27
If you take a look at your application again, you will see a new message about giving us two posts here about yourself. Do those, and also apply to browncoats on RSI. OK? Ask if yo uhave questions.
Tue at 3:30
ok i applied on rsi but this is my first time on a form how do i git to the roll cal and sound off thread?
Tue at 3:33
There are links in that message. Or, you can click 'Forums' up top. Then, under SC Browncoats, there's a "Roll Call" Thread. Create a new topic in that for yourself. Also in that thread, there's a "Sound Off" topic. Post a reply to that (it's a short one).
Tue at 3:34
ok ty
Tue at 3:34
Tue at 3:34
Be sure to follow the sample formats, please. You can take a look at other entries for ideas if you like.
Tue at 4:11
ok thank you for all your help i got roll call and sound off all in
Tue at 4:11
looking now, thanks!
Tue at 4:12
Just out of curiousity, cs = ?
Tue at 4:13
sorry it was going to be sc star citizen lol
Tue at 4:14
ah. OK. Well, I've accept you over on RSI, so you're all set. Be aware that while we do use the forums here, most of our chat is on the RSI Brown Coats chat -- which you now have access to.
Tue at 4:14
ok thanks
Tue at 4:15
Others will come by and upgrade you here to 'brown text' and on the RSI site, promote you to captain, probably within a day or so.
Tue at 4:15
But you needn't do anything else.
Tue at 4:15
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