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Sun at 15:00
That's the overal forum (Roll Call). You did indeed do one of them (a response in the 'Sound Off!' thread). However, if you scan down, you see that each member also creates a separate forum thread within Roll Call. I do not believe you have done that one yet.
Sun at 15:01
A template can be found here:
Sun at 15:02
You might want to read some of the others to get ideas ... and because they're interesting!
Sun at 15:03
By the way, this is the last hoop to jump through :d
Sun at 15:06
Sun at 15:07
It is. Hmmm.Trying to figure out why I don't see it on the thread list.
Sun at 15:08
Wait. Apr 21, 2015 ?!?
Sun at 15:09
Posted Nov 29, 14 · OP · Last edited Apr 21, 15 by Mik
Sun at 15:09
But I just approved your application ...
Sun at 15:10
I'm confused.
Sun at 15:10
??? it was approved years ago :) dont know what append there
Sun at 15:11
OK. Well, 'never mind'; no need to do it twice. Sorry for the hassle.
Sun at 15:12
Can you get to the BC RSI chat? because I have an app for you on the RSI side that has yet to be approved (because we didn't think we had your 2nd post)
Sun at 15:12
So, unless we're talking different accounts, you should not have that access. Do you have more than one RSI account?
Sun at 15:12
Yes I can get in chat
Sun at 15:13
What's your handle on the RSI site?
Sun at 15:13
Sun at 15:14
... I think I may be beginning to understand. I believe theres is another 'Mick'. His handle is Mick007 and his monicker is Mick. You aren't either of those.
Sun at 15:14
And he's the one I should be hassling. I need to be more careful.
Sun at 15:14
Sun at 15:15
Sun at 15:15
OK, that seems to explain it. You are an innocent bystander ... collateral almost-damage. Thanks for your patience.
Sun at 15:16
If you find any messages from Wainaa or me on this, please ignore or respond "I am not the Mick you are looking for" or some such.
Sun at 15:18
I found me on the list also, 10 down: (I thougth I deletes my post or something :)
Sun at 15:18
ok gtg have a good one
Sun at 15:19
Thanks. likewise
Mon at 21:56
How do people go about organizing and recruiting for sub organisations? I would like to get in contact with a group of people I can play together with. So far I've tried posting a story in the RP thread, but it doesn't appear to be a forum that is read by a lot of people?
Mon at 22:49
Well, for starters, you've picked the least-read of all our media here to ask your question. I suggest you ask it on our Discord channel to get maximum exposure to active BCs.
Mon at 22:50
To partially answer your question, to the extent we have forums, the ones here are currently it. Those who are active and interested read these. You have to realize that with the release date of the multiplayer game a year or more out (at least), the vast majority of our membership are dormant w/r/t SC (they're playing other games).
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