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Thu at 16:50
Welcome Skriker!
Thu at 18:06
New potential recruit here. Can't seem to access the forums to complete the required posts. Am I missing something?
Thu at 19:46
One of our mods has to give you access, I'll go over to RSI and poke one of them.
Thu at 19:49
Try now, though. I approved your app; I'm not sure if there's another step.
Thu at 20:36
Looks to be working now. Thanks!
Fri at 4:07
I completed the application awhile ago, I was told of a problem that you could not verfiy my ship (Aurora LN) I think I have fixed the problem, Do I need to redo my application or do anything else?
Fri at 18:12
RIP Leonard Nimoy. Live Long and Proser! :sick:
Fri at 18:17
crying and messed up Prosper :(
Fri at 18:21
Very sad... :(
23 hours ago
18 hours ago
"I have been, and always shall be, your friend..." Goodbye Spock. :(
15 hours ago
15 hours ago
whats going on here?
15 hours ago
huge puddles of tears man. HUGE puddles
14 hours ago
oh yes... Nimoy..
14 hours ago
he will be missed
14 hours ago
as i kid, i dreamed that all those ships would be made by the time i grew up..
14 hours ago
boy, am i disappointed..
14 hours ago
I've applied to the org.. anything else that i need to do?
14 hours ago
Hey, alkalimetal - I've just approved your app. The response to it tells you what's next.
7 hours ago
had a couple of questions about the org..
7 hours ago
would this be a good place to ask..
7 hours ago
I like turtles!
Best bet for questions I would assume is ask in a thread in the forums now that you have access over this shoutbox
3 hours ago
I like Lamp
3 hours ago
I like space whale.
2 hours ago
Best loc for questions is likely RSI chat. But if you ask here, they also most likely will be answered. Either way, you'll get the same does of wisecracks [swats Peligun and Patient Zero]
2 hours ago
or dose
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