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Sat at 3:40
no removing the .settings file in the LaunchData folder, but that doesn't mean the other wouldnt have worked either.
Sat at 3:40
hey, whatever works. glad you got it sorted.
Sat at 3:41
Yeah me too, thanks again.
Sat at 3:41
yw. Enjoy.
21 hours ago
Thanks Athrin, glad to be here.
MagiK a
19 hours ago
Hi guys. Off to a gun show so wont be around this weekend.
14 hours ago
Lucky bastard!
11 hours ago
11 hours ago
I Like it.
11 hours ago
Wondering how aggressively we really want to recruit, though.
9 hours ago
i made it for the Organizations Posters page that was featured on ATV as an official catalog of all orgs, to be stickied
9 hours ago
i thought something simply stating our presence would be sufficent
9 hours ago
but i need help coming up with the text at the bottom
6 hours ago
Remember, this is a poster. You're probably gonna want to go with something catchy/referential to Brown Coats lore, rather than something expository. There's just not enough text space to explain anything really
6 hours ago
haha thanks moses, but what i wrote in that block was just for the shape of the text
6 hours ago
im open for suggestions though
6 hours ago
just needs to be witty, mildly representative and fit in that block
6 hours ago
that said, there probably /should/ be some sort of link typed as short-hand as possible so that the poster isn't just a cool thing, but a recruiting tool
6 hours ago
oh good, you could just have ''
6 hours ago
I like the design very much, although the smartass in me says to keep the text as it is :sick:
6 hours ago
4 hours ago
haha, thanks danzig. the page alows for the post to provide a link as well, but if we want i can incorporate it into the poster as well, would extend its function. but sadly, I do need that last block of text :sick:
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
2 hours ago
(image will be swapped when we write the proper text)
1 hour ago
at first I would say just mashup the end of Nash's BC video and make the text "Join now. Become a Big Damn hero."
1 hour ago
but then I think it would be better to use "Join now for some Thrillin' Heroics!" :sick:
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