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Sat at 20:44
I would open that but it's just ignoring it
Sat at 20:46
I bet you Val Kilmer didn't have an android phone in the 1980s!
Sat at 20:46
Dang. I'm off to bed. Laters.
Sat at 20:47
(Just like I'd bet you Christopher Lloyd totally did.)
Sun at 7:14
Val Kilmer as Doc Hooliday din't have an android or a blackberry. He had a huckleberry!
Sun at 18:35
day three of xmmp attempt, even after wumpies's help (who's name keeps changing to women's) just does not connect at all...
Tue at 0:09
Tue at 11:07
Hi All
Clovis aa
Wed at 11:05
Top Secret is one of my favorite B-rated comedies of all time :)
Wed at 13:21
Great movie, along with Repossessed.
Wed at 13:21
hey all, hows it going
Wed at 13:21
Wed at 13:39
que tal
Wed at 18:23
evenin all
Wed at 21:59
Howdy all.
Wed at 22:01
Howdy all! And remember, if at first you don't succeed... don't try skydiving.
Thu at 3:25
hullo there
Thu at 3:31
new patch files, check them out
Thu at 10:48
NIce work Lazer
Thu at 16:29
Thanks man!
Thu at 20:27
I'm surprised that they opted for vera instead of Book or wash. Book could've been next to Jayne and wash could be leaning against Zoe (after switching places w/ Inara.) Sorry, heavy on the nerdery.
Thu at 20:28
Yeah I was thinking on ways to work them in as well. Creative use of River as the S, though.
Thu at 20:28
MagiK a
7 hours ago
Whats wrong with Vera :) She is my very favorite gun :d
3 hours ago
Nothing's wrong with Vera, Wash just has better one liners.
2 hours ago
Book and Wash are dead.
MagiK a
44 mins ago
Book and Wash are aline, they only died in that nasty parallel universe I call Denial :d
MagiK a
44 mins ago
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