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Nov 18, 15
I ran across two deathclaws fighting with something. And losing.
Nov 18, 15
Turned out to be a real bad ass rad scorpion. I was sorta glad it headed the other way :sick:
MagiK a
Nov 18, 15
I ran into my first Alpha Death Claw.....I ran like a wussy till I found a ledge I could sit on he couldnt get me, then 15 head shots later from a double barrel shotgun took him down. I just found my first combat shotgun, will see hwo that work sout.
MagiK a
Nov 18, 15
the bad thing about the Alpha DC is that it can run faster than I can unless I sprint. :(
Nov 18, 15
hehehe, yeah, that's always bad.
Nov 19, 15
For all you space cowboys.
Nov 20, 15
Nov 20, 15
That is awesome ZombieMoses.
Nov 20, 15
Hey, Thundarr. I don't know if you have a preference as to who you get your referral code from, but mine is STAR-K3KW-TSHC if you'd like to use it.
Nov 20, 15
Regardless, welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen.
Nov 20, 15
Sweet, thanks!
Nov 20, 15
TGIF and welcome to the weekend!
Mon at 0:30
I ran across the most awesome badass legendary weapon today.. bought it from a vendor that was walking the road I was one
Mon at 0:32
It was called "Spray n' Pray" .45 tommy gun that each bullet also does 15 exploding damage.. Hell you don't even have hit your target to take em down, just get the bullet near him.....
Mon at 0:32
So far I've found it shreds pretty much everything, rather quickly. lol... Damn, I need more ammo for it!
Mon at 0:35
oh, and level 54 today... I have no Fallout 4 is my life.... forced to take a break from it though the next 2 days :( doctors apt. tomorrow and tuesday. bleaagghh
Mon at 0:47
I ran into a Behemoth and a Deathclaw Matriarch. While I was not in my power armor.... so sad... but luckily I had (companion) paladin Danse with me.... I just held off firing while he took aggro. then I unloaded from behind.... works great
Mon at 3:53
Oh, and Wainaa, I also located a laser rifle that you never have to reload as well. It was a cool find... A vault hidden within a vault... love some of the things that bethesda devs came up with...
Mon at 3:54
In one building I found a teddy bear in a bathroom propped up on a toilet, wearing glasses and reading a
Mon at 5:54
:sick: Those monkeys with cymbals are scare though. So far I've shot the head off from each one.
Mon at 13:26
Yeah, they've made me jump a couple times when they went off as I was going by them.... Keep waiting for a frakken clown to jump out. lol
Mon at 17:15
I walked by one of those monkeys and the eyes started to glow. I blew it's head off just in case it was a mine.
MagiK a
Mon at 20:31
lol Iv ebeen happily killing those little bastards wherever I see them, Ive found a couple that were bomb triggers.
Tue at 0:51
Tue at 6:55
See? Monkeys with glowing eyes are evil and it's just common sense to blow 'em all to heck :sick:
MagiK a
Tue at 15:28
This also includes "Space Monekys" that get into our engine rooms :sick:
Tue at 21:34
Kaylee has a thing for monkeys!
Wed at 21:06
Look like CIG's chat server is AWOL
Wed at 22:07
And it's back.
MagiK a
Fri at 17:56
so many games, so little time :sick:
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