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Jul 4, 17
Welcome again, CrossfireOmega ... I think I'm going to start abbreviating that CO. In any case, I have accepted you on the RSI side. Wainaa will be along to give you your (digital) welcome basket and promote you to full captain. You should have access now to our Spectrum threads and chats. Our Discord information is in the 'more' section of the 'Tavern' there.
Jul 4, 17
Sounds good, thanks!
Rock aa
Jul 13, 17
I'm assuming the site has moved permanently to RSI. This site will close in 3 days :)
Sat at 13:00
Not funny, Rock
Sat at 13:01
Haven't had coffee yet; no sense of humor.
Sat at 13:04
Well, our payment plan does expire today
Mac aa
Sat at 14:10
He is not joking
Sat at 23:40
No? We have not 'moved to RSI', permanently or otherwise -- this site is still an integral part of our recruiting process. Are we not paid up?
Sat at 23:43
... I missed Wainaa's comment. I gather we are *not* paid up. OK, thanks the heads up. We'll confab.
Sat at 23:55
I added a few days to give us some time to get our ducks in a row.
Rock aa
Sun at 1:45
I checked the RSI Site, there have been no updates to the main page in literally 2 years, and since the site was expiring I assumed you guys were done with it?
Rock aa
Sun at 1:46
The RSI site looked like it was booming?
Rock aa
Sun at 1:53
If you want to keep the site that's fine, I just didn't want you to be surprised if it expired. I would think at this point you would want to move directly to RSI though as a more direct recruitment tool but whatever works for you is fine.
Sun at 15:26
We have a process that involves applicants posting information here when they have a sort of 'partial' acceptance overall. We don't currently have a way to accomplish that elsewhere.
Sun at 15:26
We'll have to reword the process, and we haven't quite figured out to do that just yet.
Sun at 15:27
Sun at 15:27
*how to do
Sun at 15:28
There's also a massive amount of data here on TGS that we're really prefer not to lose. Have you any suggestions on how to export it?
Sun at 15:28
Rock aa
Mon at 15:27
No idea there Mr Operator (on the export) but I would say just keep an eye on the expiration thing. I had only assumed you guys were done with the site. All good if your not.
24 hours ago
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, Gonzo! Please see the message appended to your application for the next steps.
24 hours ago
You pledged the month after I did. quite a ride, eh?
24 hours ago
Indeed :)
23 hours ago
By the way, Rock, the RSI site hasn't changed because we're happy with it :)
23 hours ago
I thought your handle was Crashkart, Gonzo?
23 hours ago
Yeah, but I changed it to match my Moniker as suggested in the intro post.
23 hours ago
Now if someone could change my nick here to match, that would be awesome and much less confusing. :)
10 hours ago
Not to worry. TGS will eventually become 'the past'.
10 hours ago
And Wainaa beat me to accepting you on the RSI side. Welcome again!
10 hours ago
Please join us on Discord (info is in the 'More' on Spectrum in the Tavern)
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