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Mon at 18:05
Arr, he be a Jonah, he'll bring us bad luck
Mon at 19:18
I do believe that Mr Karrde handles that around these parts.
Mon at 19:18
I mean lashing people :sick:
Mon at 23:01
Long time no see my fellow browncoats :sick:
Tue at 2:20
MagiK a
Tue at 14:07
Morning guys, Mr Smith was looking for Mr. Anderson, so I guess Sister Christian can dole out the lashes :sick:
Wed at 0:49
Einherjari, are you here?
Wed at 1:20
Here now, SO.
Wed at 1:52
hi we get lashes here?
Wed at 1:55
Only if you ask politely.
Wed at 7:29
Sorry, been busy.
MagiK a
Wed at 15:15
Only if you misbehave do you get lashes...or Im in a bad mood, or the whim strikes or the day ends in a Y :sick:
Wed at 17:40
fri is swedish for free, so friday is freedomday
Wed at 17:40
makes sense, right?
Wed at 17:57
no floggings for me, today is mittwoch
Clovis aa
Wed at 18:26
I could use a good flogging
Wed at 19:05
Brown Coats are some tough bastards
Wed at 19:06
"We beat each other's asses, what will we do to you if you mess with us?"
Wed at 19:07
Thu at 3:25
In essence we're space Scottish?
Thu at 3:27
Thu at 11:25
Technically, if we were space Scottish, it would be a friendly head-but.
Thu at 11:25
"See you Jimmy! <biff>"
MagiK a
Thu at 14:24
<head butt> Morning guys
Thu at 15:27
Hi all, first time caller, very short time listener.
24 hours ago
22 hours ago
Thanks for the welcome. Just reading up on things now. Lots to learn. Looking forward to trying out arena commander tonight for the 1st time.
Clovis aa
6 hours ago
If you are just now joining the Star Citizen party, you've got a lot of catching up to do. Their Youtube channel would probably be a good place to start.
Clovis aa
6 hours ago
The best way I think to start catching up on what's been done so far is to go to the RSI website, go to the Comm-Link, and select the Engineering channel. Read the posts there from oldest to newest. Lots of good stuff.
MagiK a
3 hours ago
Good Morning Peeps on this FINE FINE Friday before Christmas :sick:
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