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Wed at 18:58
I'm still figuring out spectrum. I'm getting an error when attempting to go directly to it via URL.
Wed at 18:58
bookmark a specific location.
Wed at 18:58
To the Browncoat org in Spectrum that is.
Wed at 18:59
Hey! That link worked.
Wed at 18:59
Wed at 19:00
They do not appear to have defined a default landing page. So, 404.
Wed at 19:00
Yes, sir. That's what I was getting.
Wed at 19:00
But deep bookmarks work fine. So, problem goes away.
Wed at 19:01
Definitely bookmarked.
Wed at 19:02
Be sure to get on Discord. The lion's share of our comms will be happening there for the moment.
Wed at 19:02
Undertood. Thanks again.
Wed at 19:02
Wed at 19:02
Wed at 19:02
Will learn to type one day. I promise.
Wed at 19:03
Hey -- why should you be better than anyone else? ;)
Wed at 19:03
Fair enough!
Thu at 5:48
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, LeetElite
Thu at 5:48
Thu at 5:49
Please see the comment on your app (the new comment :) ) for info on the remaining step (just some virtual paperwork)
Thu at 5:50
Sure thing!
Thu at 7:14
Thanks, Arbiter. I have accepted you on the RSI side. Wainaa (if he can tear himself away from playing Stellaris) will be by to promote you to full captain and give you your digital welcome goodie basket.
Thu at 7:15
... how did you learn fluent Mandarin? Did you grow up somewhere where that was routinely spoken?
Thu at 7:16
FYI, we mostly use Discord with some Spectrum for the majority of our comms.
Thu at 7:18
You're all set!
Thu at 7:18
(Thanks, W)
Thu at 7:18
Thu at 7:27
Oh -- we ask that people use their SC handle (or maybe moniker) on Discord rather than their TGS id, if they are different. Makes it easier to keep track of who you're chatting with.
16 hours ago
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, noxin
14 hours ago
Thanks Senior Operator! Looking forward to when we can start actually doing stuff ingame :d
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