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MagiK a
Fri at 12:03
big heads/small heads.....not the conversation I want to start my day with :sick:
Fri at 21:15
Fri at 21:16
I was wondering what people think of the redeemer
Sat at 1:15
I like it. But I'm holding out for it for the final game. $350. is just too much right now
Sat at 1:46
Just so you know, Ghost, we mostly hang out in the RSI Browncoats chat now; if you want to find more BC to talk with, that's your best bet.
MagiK a
Sat at 14:28
I think the name is stupid :sick: Reclaimer was better.....
MagiK a
Sat at 14:29
Ghost called it the Redeemer?
MagiK a
Sat at 14:30
if that is its new name, its stupid :sick:
Sat at 14:30
makes no sense for asalvage ship
MagiK a
Sat at 14:30
yes my thoughts exactly
MagiK a
Sat at 14:32
ok off to get a hair cut....see you later.
Sat at 15:09
It's the Reclaimer. I don't know what you're on about.
Sat at 15:10
It was originally called the Surveyor during the polls. They changed it to Reclaimer for fairly obvious reasons, I'd say.
Sat at 15:10
Redeemer is the TNGS ship.
Sat at 15:11
And that's probably what Ghost was asking about.
Sat at 15:11
I'm really tempted to get the Reclaimer. Then again, I'm doubtful if it is a good idea to spend all the gaming budget before 10/10
Sun at 1:31
Have fun at the barber, MagiK. Got mine clipped day before yesterday. Donated 6 12"+ pigtails to locks of love and still have some left over. :sick: :sick:
Sun at 5:03
:sick: I picked up the Reclaimer. Posted a thread at the Captains table on it.
Sun at 21:39
RSI chat has just crapped out on me.
Sun at 22:24
Yep. Everything has been pretty wonky today. As of now the website is down again.
Sun at 23:06
so it's not just me, the site is currently borked?
Mon at 0:52
The site is back up, but now chat doesn't work.
Mon at 3:21
I might pick up the reclaimer next friday ,
Mon at 3:21
I get paid the 5th or the working day before
Mon at 3:22
still debating selling my LTI Cutlass...
Mon at 5:20
I was gonna buy it on the spot BUT then I looked at my bank account and remembered what bills are coming up and was like...nope.
Mon at 5:21
Another one to work towards in the PU
Mon at 16:35
Still willing to take it off your hands Coolhand :sick:
MagiK a
5 hours ago
hi guys.
1 hour ago
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