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Sat at 17:27
I did the Aurora MR to 300i cross-chassis upgrade.
Sat at 17:28
I wish you could loan ships in the hangar module :)
Sat at 17:29
Sat at 17:29
cant see cross chassis on website
Sat at 17:29
found it lol
Sat at 17:31
I could be wrong, but I could have sworn that I heard you will one day be able to purchase ships/weapons in Arena Commander (ONLY) with the points you make in Arena Commander.
Sat at 17:32
That would make ship and weapon testing much easier and safer.
Sat at 17:34
Sat at 17:35
How else are you gonna test the strength of your shields vs an asteroid? lol
Sat at 17:35
ah you mean when the game is released
Sat at 17:38
Yeah. Test driving a ship in the PU will be too dangerous (if you could even do that). I would rather learn to be completely comfortable in my ship in a safe environment (AC), than in the dangerous world of the PU.
Sat at 17:38
youd shit yourself in eve then lol
Sat at 17:39
Probably, i've never tried it. That and I play Kerbal Space Program, I am a little too relaxed around exploding spaceships.
Sat at 18:06
I actually have a question if anyone can answer it. Travis Day said recently that when the Cutlass is brought into AC, its turret will act like the Hornets ball turret until multi-crew is released. My question is: Will we be able to swap a turret in a ship for a gimballed w\eapons mount instead? I want a Connie, but I don't expect it to be crewed by people 24/7, and would rather not rely on AI gunners.
Sat at 20:03
Sat at 20:19
No idea, but... sure you would want to do that? You would loose the hemispherical fields of fire that together cover practically everything for some added forward firepower. Firepower you would not neccessarily need, because you already have four heavy gimballed forward wepaon mounts.
Sat at 20:40
If the Connie can maneuver well enough I would like to be able to do that. If not, then I would have to rely on AI or other people to be gunners. I get the feeling that I am going to wind up owning single seaters and crewing other peoples ships when they need me, rather than owning my own multi-crewed ship.
Sat at 20:41
Why the aversion against AIs? Even on a ship you plan to crew with friends I'd choose AIs so they can just drop into them instead of locking their characters to your ship.
Sat at 20:43
I've never played a game that had great AI. Hopefully Star Citizen will change that. That, and I don't expect to be wealthy enough in the PU to afford an AI crew. lol
Sat at 21:35
When the Constellation first is flyable in AC, there will be no NPCs -- but as I understand it, you will be able to have other players as crew. That could change, of course.
Sat at 22:31
Yeah, AC it's not as important to have NPCs. But in the PU, if a fried enters your ship with his character, he's stuck until you land - which means trouble if you log. Or he logs on your ship and then you log or something. And if he leaves you on a planet where he has no ship. You can eliminate all those by having NPC crew - then your friend can just take over those NPCs and play them, regardless of where ever his own character is in the 'verse.
Sat at 22:50
Any news about the Avenger in v0.9?
Sun at 3:01
So far it doesn't look like it. Travis Day accidentally confirmed that there will be Avenger variants, my guess is CIG is waiting on them to be done before releasing the Avenger out into the wild.
Sun at 3:26
Pretty sure the only add'l ships in 0.9 are the M50 and the 350R
Sun at 11:21
Avenger variants? Why would you make variants of that monster? Other than the two already in existence obviously.
Sun at 12:02
the avenger is a basic needs ship no gloss all about getting the job done without the comforts. maybe they will bring out a few more shiny versions?
Sun at 18:45
Travis Day almost let it slip in the most recent Reverse the Verse, he mentioned the two we already know about, and there is atleast one more.
Sun at 19:24
Mon at 9:05
Sorry to Avenger fans, but that is the ugiest ship in SC, it looks like a fat, backwards flying stingray.
19 hours ago
I agree on the aesthetics, but judging by the current stats it might be an interesting style of ship - quite fast, acceptable maneuverability, shield and plant size, double the cargo of Aurora MR, 300i and F7C, and it's main weapon is a single really big gun. Granted, stats change like the color of a drugged chameleon in a kaleidoscope factory, but it's still interesting.
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