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Sat at 23:13
It's probably the x-y control on the throttle, then... that thing is incredibly sensitive.
Sat at 23:13
Like if I forget to zero my throttle when starting up AC in free flight. Collisions happen ...
Sat at 23:14
I would go into free flight and test controls one by one. This might not be your problem -- but it's an easy one to rule out.
Sat at 23:14
Or first try with M/kb. Again, if it happens there, it's not the HOTAS config.
Sat at 23:16
My kingdom for a calibration and "invert" option on each control.
Sat at 23:18
That will be a nice capability.
Sat at 23:18
Or would.
Sat at 23:19
I've trained up the windows voice recognition capability. It's quite nice.
Sat at 23:19
Q: do you know how to unbind a control within SC's mapping UI? Couldn't figure it out, and Esc wouldn't work.
Sat at 23:19
What scenarios do you use for that?
Sat at 23:20
I am a touch typist, but not having to do that at all is awfully nice
Sat at 23:21
If you do all the testing we discussed and cannot figure out what the problem is, you should bug it.
Sun at 8:36
@QuantumCatalyst: Yes: "My kingdom for a calibration and "invert" option..." and YES to the problem with the throttle. I thought it was my bindings, but probably not from what you're saying.
Sun at 18:31
QuantumCatalyst, last I saw (about 10 days ago?), the inability to unbind controls was a known bug. The current workaround is to reset to defaults.
Sun at 23:14
was cool to see the guild send patches to CR. Is there a way for members to get one.
Sun at 23:17
It's the kind of thing where they take orders, then do a big batch. If they're gone, they may or may not do another batch -- but you might get lucky.
Sun at 23:18
ok thanks.
Sun at 23:18
Sun at 23:19
btw, I can vouch for the quality -- I bought one, and it's gorgeous. I bought 3 from CIG later -- and while they were nice, the BC one is much nicer (more vibrant colors, mainly).
Sun at 23:20
nice i like the ones i got from rsi. and i just got my pen and card set this weekend.
Sun at 23:20
Sun at 23:22
If Clovis doesn't have anymore, he'll know who to check with to see if anyone else does.
Sun at 23:22
... *any more*.
Sun at 23:23
ty no rush PU not out for year still
Sun at 23:24
True -- but I suggest checking quickly. It took quite a few months for this first set; I would not be surprised if they did not do another run for a long time.
Sun at 23:24
And ... "when they're gone, they're gone"; in fact, they might already be gone.
Sun at 23:25
well cest la vie
Sun at 23:25
MagiK a
15 hours ago
I have a few patches left, most have gone out as Promotional Items to CIG and other parties. Some will be used as rewards for guild/fleet events but a few can still be bought I suppose.
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