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Sun at 23:26
MIS is harder for insertions because of its width. But yes, otherwise, I agree. Planetary combat is a long, long way away.
Sun at 23:26
When it comes to combat, I've always been better at playing a supportive roll than anything. Except for healing. I suck at healing.
Sun at 23:27
(involving ships, I mean)
Sun at 23:27
I will be investigating the medic role, if/when they flesh it out. That can be fun.
Sun at 23:28
But yes, to the extent I do combat, I also tend to do support.
Sun at 23:29
Starfarer (civ. version) is on my 'to-CCU' list.
Sun at 23:30
Oh, have you any preference for joystick or mouse? I'm a recent mouse convert, and've been meaning to ask others their thoughts. It was WEIRD being able to consistently and reliably destroy things with just guns.
Sun at 23:31
I suppose if I were seriously into dogfighting, I'd mouse. But joystick is far more immersive for small-to-medium ships; I'm a HOTAS guy, mainly. But when they talk about keyboard flying the really large ships, I'm on board with that. The idea of flying an Orion with a joystick is kind of silly.
Sun at 23:32
I regard the controversies about the two as being religion wars -- and as it happens, I'm an atheist (IRL too)
Sun at 23:33
I was thinking about grabbing a yoke get-up for the bigger ships. I was testing out a dual-joystick setup which I REALLY liked, but my lefty JS just didn't have enough buttons and hats.
Sun at 23:33
At least, not for dogfighting.
Sun at 23:33
Except when dogfighting, I have no problem with a setup that requires me to move hands from one control device to another; I use 1 or 2 Joysticks, mouse, keyboard, controller .... the more the merrier.
Sun at 23:33
oh, and a CH Throttle.
Sun at 23:34
Sun at 23:34
I doubt I'll ever get pedals, although I won't rule it out. Again, mainly needed for dogfighting
Sun at 23:34
Same with TrackIR -- although might go with VR gear eventually.
Sun at 23:36
I'm consciously waiting on doing intensive key bind mapping for 2 reasons: 1) I don't really have a computer capable of running AC properly yet, and 2) IT'S a TEST BED -- and things will change so much that getting used to a particular setup is just foolish.
Sun at 23:37
I played ED intensively for a couple of months and got so I could land *really fast* with a HOTAS -- so I know I like doing that.
Sun at 23:37
Yeah, I used to do a lot of custom mapping. Then I just stopped b/c every update undid or messed it up.
Sun at 23:37
Exactly -- waste of time, and frustrating to boot. I'm content to wait.
Mon at 9:15
my planned hangar has evolved significantly over time, but has just about reached its final form, i think
Mon at 9:16
if I had a lot more disposable cash I might have picked up a Genesis ... but I am at the point where I can only justify one more ship of that price level, and I am holding out tfor the Endeavor
Mon at 9:16
besides that, I am looking to CCU a Reliant to a Lancer, and CCU a couple Reliants into their variants - beyond that, my hangar is just about complete, though I *might* pick up a Dragonfly ... would rather have a Terrapin, but not sure we'll see it before the PU
Mon at 13:45
Must decide on 2 of 3: Orion, Hull D, Starliner
Mon at 15:30
I'm hoping that wave 5 has more starters than just the Dragonfly.
Mon at 15:30
It's not that I need those, but it would be nice for a change.
MagiK a
Mon at 17:53
The more starter ships the more variety in the game world = more realistic world model in my opninion.
Mon at 19:13
I'm waiting to see the Dragonfly. I love the idea, but have yet to see a piece of art that I'd pay 5 cents for.
Tue at 0:29
Would be sweet if my Star-G could have a cargo pod to park a couple Dragonflies in, making that accessible from the catwalk.
Tue at 5:31
yet another reason I want the terrapin ... a starter ship with an angle on mining? hell ya! would help to complete the spectrum ... especially if it could also be modded to a starter equivalent to the Reclaimer or Crucible, since those roles would seem as similar to what the terrapin is inclined for as its current description as a starter version of an Orion :sick:
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