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Thu at 10:07
he is probebly right
Thu at 10:07
Thu at 10:08
I'm pretty sure if it goes past may people are going to start flipping tables
Thu at 10:08
Thu at 10:08
at that point they're polishing it for press coverage, and denying us the alpha test access we bought
Thu at 10:12
i think it'll be august
Thu at 10:13
what a depressing conversation
Thu at 10:13
needs me some pew pew
Thu at 10:16
Are we all supposed to use now?
Thu at 10:17
? as opposed to?
Thu at 10:18
its weird its the same chat but not all the chats make it
Thu at 10:20
this chat is always a crap shooty
Thu at 10:20
if you want reliability, get pidgin or something and log into the RSI org chat
Clovis aa
Sat at 0:27
I'm playing in the Everquest Landmark closed beta this weekend. I'm on the Serenity server under the name Clovis
Sat at 10:45
I have submitted my application.
Sat at 10:46
Brown coats.
23 hours ago
Everquest...BLEGGGHHHH :)
19 hours ago
Hey everyone, busy at work but thought I would through a "hello" out thete
18 hours ago
15 hours ago
14 hours ago
I don't get it. Nobody can join the Brown Coats?
14 hours ago
just have to get the attnetion of the higher ups
14 hours ago
14 hours ago
wake up Magik
13 hours ago
Yeah until release they arent likely to be super active. Silly reality always gets in the way.
12 hours ago
Zyridiz, Majik, Mac and rock usually check once a day, thought they may have been busy today
8 hours ago
hey all
8 hours ago
hey :)
3 hours ago
New DFM video up on RSI -- *lots* more stuff, and it's gorgeous. WANT!
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