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Sun at 20:56
A year or two from now, my guess is that we'll be off TGS entirely, Spectrum will be our main channel, with Discord a healthy backup/alternative
Sun at 20:57
seems really active.Now I wish I had never left.Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side and sometimes it's not.
Sun at 20:58
It goes up and down. Overall (with some exceptions ;) ) we don't have the sense of urgency that many other groups have. Things will happen when they do. CIG is moving along nicely ...
Sun at 21:00
Some groups are all gung ho to start operations in the alpha. Us ... not so much. Some people are in it of course -- but we don't see a point in doing a whole lot of stuff that will be made invalid by changes. And all of us have other things to do (games, RL, etc.).
Sun at 21:00
But we keep current on developments.
Sun at 21:02
Sun at 21:02
... and, collectively, we have *many* ships.
Sun at 21:03
Oh -- if you've changed your owned ships since you were last with us, please contact Wainaa so he can update your spreadsheet entry. It's not a requirement, but we appreciate it.
Sun at 21:04
had quite a few but the family had a medical emergency and got a full refund which helped but lost all ships.After the emergency was over got a wartime lifetime Insurance Polaris--
Sun at 21:05
Nice timing ...'warbond' -- means bought with cash rather than store credit
Sun at 21:05
for future reference
Sun at 21:05
may use the Polaris or may try to join a crew.Just have to wait and see what happens I guess
Sun at 21:05
That's a gorgeous ship
Sun at 21:06
got the polaris off Ebay
Sun at 21:06
Ah. Well, we're flexible. I plan to do both (fly my own ships and crew) depending on things.
Sun at 21:06
but nice to know what it means,thank you
Sun at 21:08
So, right now you have just the Polaris?
Sun at 21:08
Sun at 21:08
had a nice little fleet going but we needed the money
Sun at 21:09
Might get something in the future but not holding my breath.
Sun at 21:10
But then the Polaris is a nice ship so might not need anything else.
Sun at 21:10
I suspect you'll want something else ;) Anyway, I updated the spreadsheet; no need to contact W about it.
Sun at 21:11
ok,thank you for your help.
Sun at 21:11
Sun at 21:12
I'm going to hit ESO but I'll keep discord up.
Sun at 21:13
np. Attendance not required :)
Sun at 21:14
Ok,see you around
Mac aa
Mon at 4:08
Mon at 4:14
16 hours ago
Good morning NatoRepublic. How are you today?
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