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Fri at 3:28
I did wipe the dust off my X-55 yesterday though.
Fri at 4:23
Well I have a question
Fri at 4:23
I'd be willing to try E:D (buy it) if I knew I'd be able to play /with/ people
Fri at 4:24
Does E:D support people grouping together?
Fri at 6:15
Has anyone here tried to play in a Wing in Elite: Dangerous?
Fri at 6:15
Tried to do anything together?
Fri at 6:50
It is possible, I believe. And there is at least one, possibly more grouping mechanisms.
Fri at 6:51
ZM, you realize you significantly reduce your odds of connecting with BCs here? The *vast* majority of the time each of us spends in a chat is spent on the RSI site BC chat.
Fri at 6:52
E.g., I only check in here to review application materials and the occasional forum entry. In passing, I am aware of this chat -- but I *never* log in here just to check the chat -- and I do not keep it open.
Fri at 7:25
It's been so long that I've actually forgotten about our RSI chat
Fri at 7:25
Fri at 7:25
Well...there only appears to be one other person there at the moment
Fri at 22:49
I pop into the RSI chat occasionally, and it seems (to me) to get about the same traffic as this one.
Sat at 13:01
RSI chat has more traffic.
Sat at 18:08
It's the European daytime when it's really, really dead too.
Sat at 18:09
other times it's just kinda dead :sick:
Sat at 18:18
Sun at 2:52
Yea, normally i check in 9 hours after everyone has left
Sun at 21:01
Mon at 4:32
new CCU system is up, and oh look ... all ships are available, flyable or not, even the Endeavor that was just on concept sale ... who called that?
Mon at 4:32
oh, right, I did :sick:
Mon at 4:33
now I just need to find out ... has anyone tried doing a CCU on a ship in one of the original game packages
Mon at 4:34
because I want to CCU my Connie into a Gemini, then sell my old original Starfarer to pay for my Lancer CCU and a couple others ...
Mon at 5:13
My original Lightspeed package has gone from 350R -> F7C -> F7CM -> Sabre so far :sick:
Mon at 9:05
Yep. Sterne, gotta' say, you nailed the CCU thing -- and they surprised me.
16 hours ago
Have my first recruit, he purchased a package, and not the installer keeps crashing
16 hours ago
He's getting missing file and compression errors.
16 hours ago
Any ideas? I've tried to redownload the installer on my box to sneaker net it over to him, but RSI won't let me download.
9 hours ago
if his virus protection didn't eff it up, no.
9 hours ago
There's a list of things people can try over at the RSI-site somewhere, but as far as I know, there are quite a few people whom that doesn't help at all.
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Syndicate and Browncoat News

Here it is! The 2 hour long Gamescom presentation. Enjoy!

Gamescom: Social Module Demo

Clovis aa posted Aug 22, 15

Here is the Press version of the Social Module Demo released during Gamescom 2015

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Clovis aa posted Aug 22, 15

This is the MultiCrew Demo put on for the press at Gamescom.

Star Citizen: Imagine

Clovis aa posted Dec 20, 14
This is the new official Star Citizen trailer created by user "years1hundred" in concert with CIG.

Here is the original version created by the same user. This is the video that got the attention of Chris Roberts and led to the creation of the new official video shown above.