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Sun at 21:48
pfft, filthy casuals :sick:
MagiK a
Mon at 14:26
50 Lashses for Havoke Mr. Smith!
Mac aa
Mon at 16:11
I thought it was Mr Christian that gave out lashes
Mon at 18:05
Arr, he be a Jonah, he'll bring us bad luck
Mon at 19:18
I do believe that Mr Karrde handles that around these parts.
Mon at 19:18
I mean lashing people :sick:
Mon at 23:01
Long time no see my fellow browncoats :sick:
Tue at 2:20
MagiK a
Tue at 14:07
Morning guys, Mr Smith was looking for Mr. Anderson, so I guess Sister Christian can dole out the lashes :sick:
Wed at 0:49
Einherjari, are you here?
Wed at 1:20
Here now, SO.
Wed at 1:52
hi we get lashes here?
Wed at 1:55
Only if you ask politely.
Wed at 7:29
Sorry, been busy.
MagiK a
Wed at 15:15
Only if you misbehave do you get lashes...or Im in a bad mood, or the whim strikes or the day ends in a Y :sick:
Wed at 17:40
fri is swedish for free, so friday is freedomday
Wed at 17:40
makes sense, right?
Wed at 17:57
no floggings for me, today is mittwoch
Clovis aa
Wed at 18:26
I could use a good flogging
Wed at 19:05
Brown Coats are some tough bastards
Wed at 19:06
"We beat each other's asses, what will we do to you if you mess with us?"
Wed at 19:07
16 hours ago
In essence we're space Scottish?
16 hours ago
8 hours ago
Technically, if we were space Scottish, it would be a friendly head-but.
8 hours ago
"See you Jimmy! <biff>"
MagiK a
5 hours ago
<head butt> Morning guys
4 hours ago
Hi all, first time caller, very short time listener.
2 hours ago
5 mins ago
Thanks for the welcome. Just reading up on things now. Lots to learn. Looking forward to trying out arena commander tonight for the 1st time.
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