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Tue at 0:10
haha okay well i will look forward to it. The attention to detail on all things is what makes me love SC
Tue at 0:11
That's accurate in-game footage (in the hangar).
Tue at 0:12
haha wow thats really cool..... that guy should be hammered after all those sips. Thanks for sharing
Tue at 0:12
What it only shows a bit is that after a few, you start seeing with blurred vision until it wears off.
Tue at 0:13
Don't drink and fly, or you'll be sorry ;)
Tue at 0:13
But no hangover!
Tue at 0:14
hahah good advice. Speaking of flying, back to port olisar for me! thanks for the approval of my app.
Tue at 0:14
np. Enjoy. Back to work for me. l8rs
Tue at 2:12
New indeed, Martha -- welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen!
Tue at 3:14
Thanks for the acceptance, looking forward to serving the Brown Coats with R3-Reliable Repair and Restoration!
Tue at 3:37
:d Be sure to complete your 'two posts' (see the message with your accepted application for details), please.
Tue at 3:40
Hey, Zero-G - you still watching?
Tue at 3:40
Oh well.
Tue at 3:41
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, Zero-G.
Tue at 3:41
Yep, I'm still here :)
Tue at 3:41
Pick up the private chat, please.
Tue at 3:45
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, Zero-G
Tue at 3:45
Tue at 4:57
And I've accepted you on the RSI site, Zero-G.
Tue at 6:48
Good morning guys :)
Tue at 7:55
Hey. You'll want to monitor the RSI chat and our Discord channel (which is pointed to by the message at the top of the RSI chat); not a whole lot goes on here other than the forums and recruiting.
MagiK a
Tue at 13:23
Soon though....I hope SQ42 will go live then look out :)
15 hours ago
hey all
12 hours ago
9 hours ago
how goes it?
4 hours ago
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, FireDweller and Nova Highwind
3 hours ago
thanks Op
3 hours ago
I don't mind your abbreviating my id at all, but I suggest SO rather than Op. The latter has another meaning often used in gaming ...
3 hours ago
Two meanings, actually
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