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Sun at 2:46
You've been approved, Jango. Please review the notes on it, so you can get accepted on the RSI side! And welcome :D
Sun at 2:47
I figure I'll be earning both the Hull C and the ... Orion (? is that the mining ship) in game. Still waiting for a chance to buy a BMM from CIG.
Sun at 2:47
Sun at 2:48
What about it?
Sun at 2:48
Thought that was the mining ship
Sun at 2:48
Ah. No, 'fraid not. Although I gather many ships can be fitted to mine, including that one. Hang on, I'll get a pointer.
Sun at 2:49
There's very little info on it yet -- but that definitely is the purpose-built mining ship.
Sun at 2:49
... that we know of, anyway.
Sun at 2:50 looking forward to it
Sun at 2:50
ah...i see...transport
Sun at 2:51
A flexible one -- apparently sections can be swapped for focused-purpose modules (including, I suppose, one for mining).
Sun at 2:51
yeah...i see that
Sun at 2:52
Not many people frequent this site do they...i mean for 881 members.....
Sun at 2:52
This ( is the starting point for reviewing SC ships. It's not perfect, but it's the best we have. Each entry has a pointer at the bottom to more info on that specific ship.
Sun at 2:52
oh nice
Sun at 2:53
This is not where we usually chat. We do use the forums here, but for chat, we use the chat on RSI:
Sun at 2:53
The only time this gets busy is if RSI chat crashes.
Sun at 2:54
lol...very nice..thanks for that
Sun at 2:54
Sun at 2:55
didnt know you could have a chat for just your guild
Sun at 2:55
Every guild gets one -- pat of the current site.
Sun at 2:55
ill head on over thanks
Sun at 2:56
Can't say they all use them -- but we do. Many people use different clients (software on their own system) to access it -- including me. Pidgin is popular. But they still show up on the web site.
Sun at 2:56
23 hours ago
Howdy all, just waiting on approval to join your merry band! Will head over to the RSI forums for a proper introduction :)
22 hours ago
Wrote an entry for the lore builder for a drink called Iron Ale, check it out!
MagiK a
18 hours ago
Hi Dizzy and welcome, one of the Moderators will be around.
Mac aa
14 hours ago
@Dizzy you need to click the Join Us tab at the top and fill out that form for approval to Brown Coats.
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