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Jul 15, 15
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, EmberQuill
Jul 15, 15
Thanks! :sick:
Jul 15, 15
First click 'Forums' (up top left). Scroll down to 'Roll Call'; click that. To create the larger post, click 'New Thread' button (upper left, just under 'Forums >> SC ...'). To create the Sound Off post (on the Roll Call page, not in the New Thread section), click 'Sound Off', then the 'New Reply' button (again upper left, in the same place 'New Thread' was on the other screen)
Jul 15, 15
Those should make sense as you're doing them ...
Jul 15, 15
If the buttons still are not visible, you may need to wait a bit until a TGS admin flips a bit in your profile here. That usually happens within a day or so.
Jul 16, 15
Thanks, the buttons weren't visible the last time I checked.
Jul 16, 15
Very good! When you apply to the BrownCoats org on RSI, you will be accepted (when one of the advisors see your app, anyway).
Jul 16, 15
(You're already good here)
Jul 16, 15
MagiK a
Jul 17, 15
"seas". We make you swim cross channel to prove your worthiness :sick:
Jul 20, 15
Cheers Wainaa
Jul 20, 15
I tell you what, I hate moving. Finally got my PC set up to what I like
Jul 21, 15
Hello, everyone. A coworker of mine sent me your way. I'm just getting started with Star Citizen... as in still trying to decide between the Aurora and Mustang packages.
Jul 21, 15
Welcome, magictiger
Jul 22, 15
nothing really there that wasn't in 10 for the chairman, but it's a decent recap
Jul 24, 15
hey all
Fri at 18:07
don't know about you, but I am supper exited!
Fri at 18:07
Fri at 18:08
HOLD on getting either one Tiger. There will be a sale on the Reliant soon enough...practically spend the same and get a double cargo ship.
Sun at 13:22
I had to pick one to be able to get into the game. I ended up going with the Mustang since it seems more combat capable than the Aurora and it's likely to be a while before there's much to do in game other than combat. When it's time for mining, I'll get a mining ship or crew someone else's. :sick:
Sun at 14:56
yes, i can vouch for the tiger.
Mon at 14:45
Yust curious. Do you guys plan to own a station or some kind of social place in the PU ?
Mon at 19:57
A whole station? As a whole BCs together thing, no. Some kinda social place is almost a certainty. An org hangar to... hang out in at least.
Mon at 20:01
There's always a chance that a smaller group of our members wants to commit to the 24/7 playstyle that owning a station requires, but that's up to them and whomever wants to organize it.
Mon at 20:06
Agreed -- and org hangar somewhere (possibly more than one), almost certainly. A station or other base that has to be constantly guarded against a hostile takeover? You can organize something like that if you want -- but I won't be involved with it (I'll be hauling or trading somewhere else!)
Mon at 20:06
*an org hangar ...
Mon at 20:59
Thx guys for your responses.
24 hours ago
and I might remind all that the modding possibilities of a Hull series makes the possibility of us building our own mobile base an open concept, and one I plan to look more at once we get more info in the PU :sick:
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