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Tue at 1:38
very very buggy tho ...
Tue at 23:16
hey guys.. anyone see any of the vids detailing out some of the clothes? are those prices they have listed for real? 90k for a jacket? 60k for a shirt? seriously??? your average joe blow must only have like 1 pair of clothes unless somehow even your average peon makes a crapton of cash otherwise who could afford anything at those prices?!
Tue at 23:18
i was just curious cause the prices seem severely steep..
Wed at 3:59
But they're super durable clothes. Never have to buy another pair of shoes? :sick:
Wed at 3:59
Seriously, they just slap random filler prices in the concept pics.
Wed at 12:56
These shoes have seen me through so many battles... I never even have to take them off! They comfortable while I sleep!
Wed at 15:46
I've said it before, expect the worth of the UEC to drop when PU time comes, and the current deals on gear to go away. Not to say that that will be a lot of money to have, but I think that it'll be aimed at making earning credits a much better method of acquiring currency then buying them.
Wed at 15:48
i hope so.. cause i just cant see myself paying 90k for a jacket.. unless it can cook me breakfast in the morning ;p
Wed at 15:50
mostly just waiting for them to enable it so we can resell stuff we bought off the store.. like the 2 gimbals i bought for my aurora that i can no longer use since the retweak..
Wed at 19:44
Yeah, I'm looking forward to implimentation of that stuff. I'm not sure if im looking forward to FPS or social more
Thu at 1:44
This summer look forward to the release of the Browncoat social interaction service aka Skype calls :sick:
Thu at 4:45
oh dear.. should we be worried? ;p
Thu at 12:24
Only if you hate RP. Been thinking of setting up a tabletop over Skype using Stars Without Number. Might be able to rewrite enough stuff so that it fits Star Citizen too
Thu at 15:10
I've been trying to get back into table-top... in the last two years I have managed just ONE night of Call of Cuthulu... Where I destroyed the main player's get-away car and they got caught by cultist... go me!
Fri at 1:59
what's that table top website, lets you set up your own campaign? like roll20 or something?
Fri at 2:37
Roll20 gives you alot of tools. Pair it with skype and it's the next best thing.
Fri at 2:37
To you know, meeting in person.
Fri at 3:14
i'd love to find an online cyberpunk 2020 or shadowrun game but so far no such luck.. the wife plays in a D&D 5.0 game wednesday nights but i just couldnt get into it.. i've played with them before when they ran star wars so they're good people, i just wasnt much for another dungeon crawler
Fri at 3:15
well that and it seems like after every game she comes ranting to me about how her character almost died again.. sometimes on multiple occasions so it seems like scott, the guy running the game, is being a little bloodthirsty for my tastes! lol
Fri at 4:20
Back when I played RPs we never quite figured out that the GM was supposed to keep players alive.
Fri at 4:21
Which resulted in short careers.
Fri at 6:02
I recently played Paranoia with some friends, where the DM is *always* trying to kill you. What a glorious cluster-fuck that was.
Fri at 11:27
Heh, I once read an article about Paranoia being played over emails.
Fri at 11:27
Which resulted in people hacking into each others' emails and so on
Fri at 11:28
All's fair in Paranoia apparently.
Fri at 11:28
One of the players busted another one for writing about subversive stuff in his email.
Fri at 11:29
And both got killed by the 'computer' since the guy who busted his friend obviously knew finnish and therefore was a communist.
Fri at 13:20
yeah i liked call of cthulu the couple of times i got to play it just cause the guy running it wasnt hard core into trying to off us unless we did something stupid then we totally deserved it naturally lol
Fri at 13:23
he made it seem more like one of those old gumshoe detective stories out of the 20's that just happened to involve ancient horrors that wanted to eat your face but he had them more as background noise you'd only see out of the corner of your eye and the only bad guys we'd ever run into were simply their minions
Fri at 13:24
it was fun cause he made us really think and try and work things out for ourselves versus the usual run and gun or hack slash type games that we were used to
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