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Thu at 22:14
oh, and welcome aboard TAdamo ... sorry if I seem to be vacant, busy watching the PAX town hall on the PU :sick:
Thu at 22:14
Thank you, SO. Now another question: RSI page says once accepted on TGS, that I should post in the Roll Call thread and the Sound Off thread, but I haven't been able to find those.
Thu at 22:14
You should have a PM now here (just arrived) giving you links to both of those.
Thu at 22:14
cant see them until after SO approves you so should see them now
Thu at 22:15
Roll Call is under the main Browncoats header, start your own thread
Thu at 22:15
They now are there in a response to your approved app.
Thu at 22:15
Thank you, both. I'll get on over ther and see what's up
Thu at 22:15
It's all here on TGS.
Thu at 22:15
Not on RSI.
Thu at 22:16
Welcome TAd
Thu at 22:16
Yeah, I meant "I'll get on over there" to that page
Thu at 22:16
what he said ... right now we only have one forums over on RSI ... until Org 2.0 drops
Thu at 22:16
Ah, gotcha'
Thu at 22:17
and forget what they tell you about the brownies ... I'm back from hiatus and the ones in my footlocker area always fresh, I make them myself ... help yourself :sick:
Thu at 22:17
That doesn't come until after those two posts ... and Wainaa provides the brownies.
Thu at 22:18
Brownies, huh? Don't know if that should sound appetizing, or not.
Thu at 22:18
heh. either way, they're strictly virual
Thu at 22:19
Fri at 4:55
if we want to be pedantic, Sir Wumpus provides the brownies, I just link to 'em :sick:
Fri at 6:25
The brownies are strictly virulent
Fri at 7:49
i would like it to be known that i have yet to receive my organization-sanctioned brownie
Fri at 8:03
I don't seem to find your roll call thread, so this will have to do.
Fri at 8:03
Fri at 8:04
Ah, found it, omission corrected.
Fri at 8:05
Also, looks like Sir W already gave you an old fashioned text-based brownie :sick:
Fri at 8:05
I guess he made the gif after you joined our ranks.
Fri at 8:37
what ... are you doing?!?
Fri at 8:40
Oh, nvm. The gif was doing weird things until I scrolled down. I did not know it worked here.
Fri at 16:48
this chat uses the same img tags as the forums
17 hours ago
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