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Oct 15, 16
Other than that, having been accepted, I am not showing my Org Status on the RSI website. Anything to do about that?
Oct 15, 16
umm my bad about specifics, cannot seem to post in Sound Off! sub-thread.
Oct 16, 16
That's kinda odd, we'll look into that, but meanwhile we'll just skip that step since if it's just forum issues I don't wanna keep you hanging :)
Oct 16, 16
Tested posting there and at least it's not a thread length issue like you can run into sometimes. Well, since I just practically made the post for you, you can forget about it I suppose.
Oct 16, 16
As far as I can see your posting rights should be in order as well.
Oct 16, 16
Looks to me like Wainaa did your short post for you, and you successfully took care of the long one. Have you any other problems (w/r/t Brown Coats membership, of course), Khazander Mornir?
Oct 16, 16
Also, Wainaa has accepted you and promoted you to Captain on RSI.
Oct 16, 16
Why Thank you SeƱor Opeator! posting greets now
Oct 16, 16
Why thank you Senor Operator, posting greets now
Oct 16, 16
It's senior, nor senor, and don't forget to do your Roll Call post as well :)
Oct 16, 16
Oct 16, 16
Ches Wainaa, i forgot that one.
Oct 16, 16
Oct 16, 16
Thanks and welcome :)
Oct 16, 16
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, Maclimes.
Oct 17, 16
Thanks, SO!
Tue at 11:40
Heads up: I've changed my "handle" to Catfish_Sam to reflect my RP. :)
Tue at 11:47
Thanks for letting us know. It can be a handful sometimes to keep track of who is who when they pop up in Discord for example and their name doesn't match with anything in our records :)
Tue at 12:17
I can imagine! I'm still Maclimes in 99% of places. I just added "Catfish Sam" for my Star Citizen roleplay. (It's confusing how many different usernames you have in SC. Login, Handle, Moniker, etc).
Tue at 20:05
Well, you'll only have one login and one handle for a given account. Unless they revise it, you'll later have one or more monikers, depending on how many ... chars you have on that account.
Tue at 20:08
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, SgtMong
Wed at 0:51
I have accepted you into the BC Org on the RSI site, SgtMong. Wainaa will be along (probably in a few hours) to promote you to full captain and give you your (digital) welcome basket of goodies
Wed at 0:53
... that's a lot of dogs! :)
Thu at 15:46
Who's keeping track of personal fleets? We may want to have a single thread for updates soon, if the November sale shakes up a bunch of fleets at once. Better than dozens of PMs!
Thu at 23:55
We have a spreadsheet that is maintained mostly by Wainaa. He takes info from wherever he finds it.
Thu at 23:56
Obviously, if people don't communicate what they have, it won't show up. We haven't done a significant push on this because we want to see if CIG comes up with an automatic way to collect this information based on org membership. They have all the data ...
Fri at 12:07
Good point. Maybe Spectrum will have this. That reminds me, do we know approximate release for Spectrum? 2.6? 3.0? Later?
Fri at 19:11
I don't pay attention to timeframes in CIG stuff -- so I've no idea, sorry. "When it comes" :)
Sat at 10:51
Nothing official on 2.6 or 3.0 timeframes since Gamescom. 2.6 isn't being tested by avocados yet, so we won't see it before November which prolly pushes 3.0 back to 2017.
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