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Jun 15, 17
Thank you!!
Jun 15, 17
Be aware that only some of us engage in role play; the rest of us tolerate it ;)
Jun 15, 17
That's fine. I mean I mostly joined because I love Firefly
Jun 15, 17
hahaha jk
Jun 15, 17
Most of us do also, no joke, whether roleplayers or not.
Jun 15, 17
How do I view the message on my application? Sorry, never really used this site before
Jun 15, 17
I think that at the bottom right of your screen, there's a lit-up number?
Jun 15, 17
Ah, yes. Thank you
Jun 15, 17
Jun 15, 17
Cool just sent my request on RSI
Jun 15, 17
You are quick. A moment ...
Jun 15, 17
Seriously? Two different spellings of Yac/kovich?
Jun 15, 17
I mean, it's up to you.
Jun 15, 17
In any case, welcome again. I have accepted you on the RSI side. Wainaa will be along to give you your (digital) welcome basket and promote you to full captain. You should have access now to our Spectrum threads and chats. Our Discord information is in the 'more' section of the 'Tavern' there.
Jun 15, 17
And I anticipate planetary (or at least moon) landings in SC at roughly the end of July (this year ;) )
Jun 15, 17
That's probably a mistake, my bad. Yacovich is the correct spelling
Jun 15, 17
That's what I heard from another player in-game today :d can't wait
Jun 15, 17
Spelling fixed.
Jun 15, 17
Thanks, sorry about thta
Jun 15, 17
np. I'm a copy editor, or it probably never would even have been noticed.
Jun 15, 17
fyi, most of our chatting is currently on Discord, with some also on Spectrum. This (here) is mostly used just to handle applications.
Jun 15, 17
... although there is lots of forum material here.
Jun 15, 17
Yeah that's what I figured. I'm looking for the discord channel now and then I
Jun 15, 17
I'll join and head off to bed**
Jun 15, 17
Please use one of the SC ids (probably the handle) on Discord. We like to keep things simple...
Jun 15, 17
of course
Jun 15, 17
If you can get on, I'll assign you to the BCs so you'll have the appropriate privs.
Jun 15, 17
just joined. I'm "Autismo"
Jun 15, 17
Can't change my nickname yet though.
Jun 15, 17
All set
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